Most of us can remember our parents reminding us daily of several of the essentials of life,

  • Eat your vegetables,
  • Look both ways before you cross the street, and
  • Go to school and get a good job.

Drew Porter,Virtual KC, has done well with a couple of those, but rather than stay in school and get a good job he decided to leave school and create a good business. Rather than continue with college he determined that he could make his mark on the world by starting a marketing firm with one driving purpose, help his clients grow their revenue.

He has determined that his path to success will come directly from helping his clients create more revenue. He is turning the all too familiar, What’s In It For Me into What’s In It For You. This singular focus on growing revenue, rather than “likes” or impressions, produces direct and measurable results. Clients can immediately see the benefits of having Drew working on their behalf. His focus on creating additional revenue creates a self-funding and self-benefiting way for the client to spend more with Drew to continue that growth cycle.

Drew has grown up in the world of social media and this is his chosen arena for revenue growth. He creates content by doing video production, online ads and graphic design with a focus on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat? Well, let him explain it to you.

He takes a very personalized approach by learning his client’s business, their goals and targets to better focus everyone’s efforts. This produces results quickly and on budget. Drew is a continuous learner who both assimilates his new found knowledge and very openly shares it with his clients.

Are you looking for a way to generate new leads and revenue using Social Media? Drew Porter knows this market and will focus on WIIFY.

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