ResidentialPRO – Rick Sanford

Why start a new residential real estate company is a question that Rick Sanford has been asked many times in the last 9 months since starting ResidentialPRO.  His answer is very simple, he wants to work with the best agents by offering them great technology in a virtual environment and provide them with quality, vetted leads.  Rick believes that by taking excellent care of the agents he selectively recruits that they will in turn take great care of their clients and that is his recipe for growing this office and expanding to other top markets around the country.
Rick has worked at some of the bigger residential real estate firms in the Kansas City area during his 11 years as an agent and knew that there was a better way to operate to benefit both agents and clients.  He was meeting with a local businessman and they began discussing the current state of the industry and how to create a better experience for both agents and clients.  Out of this discussion was born ResidentialPRO.  Recruit proven agents that are dedicated to the real estate business, provide them with state of the art technology and they would create an agency that is focused on the success of the agent while providing a great experience for the client.
Starting his own agency has been a journey with plenty of ups and downs on most days proves to be very interesting, exciting and challenging.  Rick enjoys the energy around a start-up and has found a new excitement for real estate by working both on and in the business.  Recruiting agents who get his vision occupies much of his time and he finds that there is a never ending set of new challenges being a business owner.
Being self-employed and starting a business did not provide enough challenges to Rick.  He is very involved with his family, is a dedicated soccer player and recently finished his first triathlon.  Catch up with him when you can and you will have the pleasure of meeting a dedicated and interesting professional.

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