Major Rehab Project In Pictures

So, you want to be a flipper and rehab pretty houses? And make lots of money too I’ll bet. Well, those are at least the goals and hoped for outcomes but it can get messy along the way. It is definitely not for the faint of heart and investors will deal with many challenges from beginning to end. If you have ever been involved in a total gut job rehab, the process can be downright scary and it definitely will look worse before it gets better. That is the current status of this project.

We have an excellent client who is working on a historic rehab and has agreed to share pictures along the way to show the progress of the property. Start to finish it should be about a four month project to get to completion of construction. We will try to show pictures of the progress taken from about the same places each time so that you can see the project come together and get a sense of the before and after.

The picture at the top is the front door and a second doorway that was added but will be removed as part of the rehab.  It looks pretty good from the front, but now let’s step inside.  The picture below, left, shows the stairs on the left and is looking toward the back of the house and kitchen area.  The picture to the right is the dining area showing a fireplace that will be restored to working order.

Now let’s move upstairs where you can see the continuation of the staircase and look back to see the beautiful leaded glass windows.  These will be restored and help bring light into the stairwell.

The next photo shows the master bedroom with a door out to the deck on the front of the house above the front porch.

There are many more photos and if you would like to see more pictures of the project, scroll to the next post called Photo Gallery and you can see more pictures of the property.

Well, you get the point.  This is what a property going through a complete, gut job rehab, looks like when it is being put back together.  At this stage they are completing the rough in electric, insulation, framing, rough in plumbing, running new duct work and  all of the other work that goes on before the walls are closed in with new sheetrock.  Once that happens it begins to look like a house again and at that point it is about making it look pretty again and getting it ready for the next owner.

Enjoy the journey and let me know if I can provide funding for your next rehab project.





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