Find Real Estate Buyers With Facebook

FB is such a great platform for buying and selling and growing your buyer’s list. We freely provide so much data about ourselves to FB that they then turnaround and let ad buyers use to focus their targeting. Here are 3 ways to find real estate buyers using FB.
1. Buy ads. Target your city, zip code or nearly any demographic you choose by placing ads on FB. Not sure how to do it right? Make Google your friend.
2. Influencer Marketing. Find people that are posting frequently on FB and have a large following and reach out to them. Build trust and rapport with them and share out their posts to help them grow their audience and most will in turn do the same for you. Especially if you ask.
3. Create your own content and post it REGULARLY (read frequently). Your own content will get more organic attention and engagement that re-posting somebody else’s purchased content. Lame.
Share your own ideas in the comments. I am new at this too.

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